General Topics for the Symposium and abstracts submission
  • Cochlear health- Physiology, Genetics, Imaging- animal and human models

  • Preoperative assessment- ECochG, ABR, ASSR, Cortical potentials

  • Intraoperative assessment- Inner ear structure/hearing preservation- Imaging, Surgical Techniques, Robotics

  • Intraoperative measurements- ECochG, Telemetry, ECAP, EABR, ESRT

  • Postoperative measures for programming/monitoring- Telemetry, ECAP, ESRT, ABR, ASSR, MLR, LLR;

    "How I do it" – State of the art clinical implementation of objective measures

  • Postoperative cortical function and plasticity - ERPs, fNIRs, PET, Brain Oscillations

  • Objective measures of listening effort- Brain oscillations, Pupillometry

  • Objective measures in Auditory Brainstem/Midbrain Implants, Bone Anchored/ Middle Ear Implants, and Vestibular Implants

  • Bridging the gaps between objective measures and performance