Organising Committee


Andrzej Zarowski


Marc Leblans

Morgana Sluydts


Catherine Blaivie

Glynnis De Greve

Kiana Kheirkhah

Youri Maryn

Fergio Sismono

Joost van Dinther

Nasch Marynissen

Ann Peeters

Isabelle Van Raemdonck

Liesbeth Vinkx

European Institue for Otolaryngology in Antwerp

Morgana Sluydts

Joost van Dinther

Youri Maryn

Fergio Sismono

Kiana Kheirkhah

Honorary Chairmen

Erwin Offeciers

Stefaan Peeters

Past Presidents OMAI

1999 - Nottingham

Steve Mason & Gerard O'Donoghue

2001 - Lyon

Lionel Collet & Eric Truy

2003 - Ann Arbor

Paul Kileny & Teresa Zwolan

2005 - Hannover

Thomas Lenarz & Rolf-Dieter Battmer

2007 - Varese

Sandro Burdo & Sergio Razza

2010 - St. Louis

Jill B. Firszt & Richard Chole

2012 - Amsterdam

Emmanuel Mylanus & Andy Beynon, Johan Frijns & Jeroen Briaire

2014 - Toronto

Karen Gordon & Blake Papsin

2016 - Hungary

Jozsef G├ęza Kiss & Laszlo Rovo

2018 - Tel-Aviv

Yael Henkin & Chava Muchnik

Our Faculty

More detailed information will be announced soon


The programme will consist of:

Keynote lectures

We offer our participants at least 10 Keynote lectures given by our rewarded faculty members

Industry Lectures

The OMAI congress traditionally starts with a number of Industry sessions on the first day of the event. Our main partners will present to you the latest developments in the industry.

Poster Presentations

During the 5 scheduled Poster Presentation sessions, spread over the complete scientific programme the authors will be offered the chance to present the ongoing work by means of a plenary pitch presentation in the main congress room.

Scientific sessions

During the scientific sessions 1 - 10, there will be 10 actual topics presented.